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  1. Will it work with different versions of DAS? What I mean is that cmeg's version seems to be a little different than IB's. I say this because I have used IB's before but changed to cmeg now moving back. Unfortunately most of my recent configurations have been made on cmeg Traders Elite Pro. I will Still try your suggestion. Thank you Abiel.
  2. Hi guys, I will be moving soon to IB broker with DAS. I am currently with CMEG Broker and its Traders Elite Pro ETFA , which is its version of DAS. I know some files that I need to move like hotkey file, desktop file. BUT are there more setup files or config files I need to move? For example my charts look a certain way, have certain configurations specific to my charts like for example Right click and move in price area to zoom, double click to trade. I also have dark themes etc , etc. I know those configurations are not stored in hotkey or desktop files. Has anyone make this move before and know which files I need to carry to my other setup?
  3. So I wrote to DAS Trader support asking if they know how to use the Replay feature or DataStream mode. They told me it won't work for Interactive Broker users ? Im confused as Andrew and moderators said in the chatroom we have the feature? Or am I mixing things up. Does somebody know? Here is the conversation screen shot:
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