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  1. 30 days Average Volume Limit![1264] I got rejected placing a sell order on a stock that was listed as shortable. Above is the error, i've never seen it before. I did some google'ing but most stuff coming up was ATR related. Any ideas?
  2. I didn't read through the entire journal but I have been a BBT member for about 2 months and have been checking out everyone's journals. Out of curiosity do you statically trade better when you have a better well being score? And I don't mean to be annoying or step on your toes but to minimize negative self talk, maybe change what I did bad today to what I would like to improve from today. Thanks and best of luck with your trades.
  3. I have applied to CMEG and they are definitely the most detailed of any off shore broker, I use Suretrader and have applied to alliance.
  4. I was originally thinking in these terms when I first started trading but eventually adapted to my trading style. When I take a trade my max risk 1%, but often I will stop myself out before that if I don't like how the price action is moving, so my average loss is around .5%. With max loss for the day being 2% or 3 losing trades in one day. The same is said for my profits, I usually have a fairly close target for first partial, then my stop is break even. I often go into a trade looking for 2:1 or 3:1, but will only get .5:1 sometimes because I get a partial and stop out. So even though I first felt I had to let the price trade to my stop even if I was uncomfortable with how the price was moving immediately, I started to fit my trading style more to myself kind of "feeling" the market, if that makes sense. This could most definitely be dangerous style for some but has worked for me. I know my max loss per trade and day, but I often don't let it get there, I know my trades are short term and if it doesn't work right away I exit. TLDR: I found it harmful to stick to extremely tight rules on stop/profit targets, adapted more to my personal style. Hope this helps
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