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  1. So i just got approved for options trading with my broker CMEG, the use DAS powered by Sterling and the layout is way different then what im use to and im not even sure where to start or how to start. Anyone using this set up have resources to help me? I tried the files in the chatroom but they wouldnt load for me.
  2. Hey all! My name's Damon N, I'm originally from Miami and iv wanted to be a trader since I was a kid. Life, however, had different plans, I'm currently a chef after cooking in the Navy for 4 years and going to the CIA for culinary arts. I love cooking but iv only been pursuing this career because like a lot of people I didn't believe i could change or become a trader. I have been trading in a sim for a week now and last week ended with a net positive of $2164, so I now know I can do it. I found Andrews's book a few years ago and read it and always wanted to try but never took the leap; now I'm just pulling the trigger and I am going to be a successful trader. If anyone in Miami I'm looking for mentors or other traders to meet with to help learn as much as I can. Thank you all, Damon N.
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