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  1. Hey Ed, I tried to call this venue https://bellevuewa.gov/city-government/departments/parks/rentals/indoor-rentals/lewis-creek-visitor-center#photos to see if we can book it for the meeting, but no one answered. Should we try to look for something similar? This is a site of other venues too: https://tinyurl.com/wr7tzvu
  2. Yeah, the entry was bad but adding below the MAs on a 4th red candle was particularly bad..live to trade another day and learn I guess. Damn MU got both of us today You did much better than me though, it rejected the VWAP just once before you entered. I was so focused on the MAs and breaking the VWAP, I didn't even notice that VWAP was rejected twice. Amazing! And you respected your stop-loss. Thank you very much for sharing your trade and comments with me.
  3. Thanks for your comment Abiel. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This was an example of violating several rules that I "know".
  4. == Averaging Down == MU was weak today. on a reversal, it rejected the VWAP twice before my first entry. To seek a good entry I entered long before I saw a confirmation that it broke the VWAP. My first entry was with a half my normal position size. I got stopped out. Second entry also with same position size, but rather than stopping out, I kept adding, it even broke the moving averages and I kept adding. Eventually I decided to bail on it with a great loss. I kept thinking now it will break out, and the market gave me all the signals that I was more likely to be wrong, but instead I was stubborn and paid the price. After that point, I did some revenge trading on MU which only increased my losses. The other lesson I learned here is that even if I wanted to get a good entry for break of the VWAP, I should have bought at some support (like MAs) rather than at resistance (VWAP). My losses would have been smaller. Both entries were right at VWAP. Dear community members, don't do what I did. Hopefully I learned my lesson.
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