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  1. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    @nicem03 most of them are using DAStrader but I’m using Lightspeed.
  2. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    @Andrew Aziz I will be there.
  3. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    Im up for the meetup! we will meet at the circled place in the photo and decide the bar again. See you guys there tomorrow.
  4. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    Im suggesting a place that is close to City Hall MRT. It is called Chijmes. there are many bars in the place and we can decide which bar we should go when we meet. I have not been there for years. Let me know if anyone has a better idea.
  5. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    I’m up for the meetup! Let me know the meetup place and I will be there.
  6. ken139928

    Singapore meetup

    Hi Adrian, I would love to meet up with your and other traders. Let me know when will be the next meetup?

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