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  1. My hotkeys don't work with Forex, it keeps giving the error message, "Can't get price". I use Kyle's hotkey scripts. If I manually enter the trade by choosing the share size I have no problems. Since Forex is usually traded by pips not shares I'm just unsure how to trade them with DAS. Any input is helpful. Thanks
  2. I am very interested in this idea and would appreciate the opportunity to attend.
  3. I found out the issue. When we renewed, we did not buy the correct package. I renewed the plan that is $100/month and the level 2 data does not come with that package. The package we need is around $120/month. I can copy the email that the DAS Help center sent me if you want.
  4. Good morning, I am a member of the chatroom and had to renew my membership to the DAS Trader Pro software. When I renewed my membership, my Montage View does not have the Bid and Ask columns. Looking back in the introduction videos, when you pull in the Montage View, the Level 2 has the Bid and Ask columns, but my view is blank. Is there a setting that I am missing with a renewal? Thank you very much for your time, have a nice day.
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