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  1. I would be interested in attending this meetup if it becomes reality.
  2. Greetings BBT family! My name is Ryan Miller (Ryan M in chat.) I am 29 and a graphic artist / dog trainer. I live in Long Island NY. I love strategy and RP gaming, game design, poker and writing. I practice multiple martial arts as well as Zazen meditation and employ both as an important daily ritual that helps mentally prepare me each morning before I step to my trade station. I transitioned from swing trading to day trading after reading Andrews book. After reading several other books and doing a ton of research, I decided I liked what BBT offered best and invested in a lifetime membership. Im currently 1 month into my membership and have been training on a simulator for 2. For the foreseeable future, I plan on taking my time and honing my skills. My long-term goal is to trade full time, but im in no rush to get there. I look forward to getting to know you all as we work towards our common goals. You better believe you will see me at the next east coast meetup. Thank you everyone in advance for your time! - Ryan
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