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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Garrett, I’m 34 and I’m from the Buffalo NY area. For my entire working career I’ve been in a local family retail business which has since shut down like a lot of other retail stores these days. I currently run a small online retail operation but am looking to pursue my passion of day trading. I have some previous swing trading experience but it’s day trading that suits my personality. I have a unique opportunity that affords me the time in the morning to trade in the simulator and then move on to managing my business after that. I, like most everyone else, found Andrew’s book on Amazon and read it numerous times. I joined the chatroom and began simulator training in May and have a goal of going live in August, small size. The chatroom and forum has proven to be extremely valuable in that we are able to learn from other members’ stories and experiences as well as ask questions. The moderators are all amazing and are very open and helpful. I look forward to learning much more and being a part of this trading community. Many thanks to Andrew and the other members and moderators.
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