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  1. Thanks Pete, that wasn’t my issue but figured it was the calc of fees. great Substack by the way! I was actually hoping you can help me with a hot key I’ll send you a message. I was trying to setup a a buy static # of share and set a stop loss at $x below the break even price, wanted to use this for breakouts as it would lower the risk per trade to less than a defined % and if I am wrong I can immediately stop out. Would use this on the first break out candle, but can’t seem to script it right. Also I was reading your Substack, what is the use case for the “reverse” position? Like you are wrong on a long and it auto flips to a short?
  2. Anyone have this issue? I don’t keep position after hours and the daily p&l on IBKR is lower, on top of the fact das is showing way more commission fees than my IBKR actual (2 separate issues) any help would be appreciated
  3. was anyone able to create this script?
  4. guys/gals, apologies in advance if i miss this somewhere, but I a need a little help selecting the right DAS package. Currently I am waiting for cash to settle from fidelity (horrible software, good fills) to move to IBKR. my goal was to switch to IBKR and DAS but really confused on the package I need. I only plan to trade stocks and eventually graduate to scalping options (no forex). Which package is the best value? I am not sure on the difference between the IEX Deep & ARCA: do I need both or is ARCA preferred. Not sure also on the FLOAT data some of the packages provide and if it is needed. I am assuming the IB Options L2 is best? thank you
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