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  1. I got the same answer from CMEG! $650 in the first 5 days! (WTF!) . Most of my losses are from commission and opportunity loss since they rarely have stocks available to short these days. Today CCL short is a perfect setup and gave so many short opportunities that I could have made money even the third breakdown at $10.5 breakdown, they never have share short available. I tried to short CCL, AAL since they were in play, CMEG never have shares to short available. Even today with AMD! when it broke $44.2-$44 level, no shares to short for AMD! I'm really concern now if the market keep going down and CMEG doesn't have stocks available to short, but commission is still not cheap.
  2. Thanks Andrew for coming to see us(and the drinks). It's great to see everyone...in person. Keep in touch...
  3. Hi Justin, Please count me too. That place is less than 10 mins from where I work Is the reservation under your name? or Bearbulltraders? Daranee
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