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  1. I sent a mesage on Whatsapp, hope we have a chance to meet up soon! (sorry I only recently moved here so my dutch is still, well... nonexistant ;))
  2. I use an american broker (centerpoint securities, i think they are based in SD too, haha) so I have no idea I am a US citizen (from California actually), I just recently moved to NL with my wife who is attending UVA. But to answer your question, I trade only NYSE/Nasdaq/Amex securities cause that's what I learned on, I would be interested to learn more about European trading but I assume there is less liquidity and volatility, but maybe I am wrong?
  3. Wow, we are really close to each other! Would you be interested in meeting for a cup of coffee or a beer and discuss trading a bit? I am in Amsterdam but near Diemen so it would be pretty easy for us to meet there, here or anywhere in between. I've been with BBT and trading in SIM for about 6 months now, recently tried to go live but I am still trading with a small size till I feel more comfortable.
  4. I currently live in Amsterdam, anyone others in NL or anywhere else in EU?
  5. Hey Ammar, Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay in responding but I forgot to set it to notify when I got a reply to my post. Anyways, I was planning to use Speedtrader as my broker cause they offer $2.95 trades to Bear Bull traders. I have enough capital to bypass PDT rules so I am not worried about that. I appreciate your insight into the dutch tax system, now my only concern is that I will have to pay US and Dutch taxes. Do you have any idea if I can get around this by setting up a company rather than trading as an individual? I was thinking that I could start an LLC and employ myself, pay myself a monthly salary which I could increase as my capital grows. But I am not an accountant so I am not sure how legal this is. I'll likely have to talk to a professional in netherlands to understand what is possible/legal and what isn't, but if you have any insight there I would appreciate it. Thanks again for your feedback! -Dominic
  6. So I wanted to follow up in case anyone else wanted to do the same thing, Robert's suggestion worked flawlessly. I simply added or subtracted my daily results (at the end of my trading day) from the current equity and then multiplied by 4 to set the buying power and it reset at midnight EST to the values I input so the next day it was accurate. Thanks for that Robert. I used this technique to prove to myself that I was profitable over the long term!
  7. Thanks Robert! So just to clarify, if I were to set it at the end of each day with my profit, it will automatically reset to 25K at midnight EST? I usually record my trades when I am done for the day so it wouldn't be a problem to use the workaround as you suggest but might be better if I record it at the end of my trading day if that accomplishes the same result.
  8. So I was reading Andrew's new book and it said I should be trading in the simulator as if it were real money. I completely understand why but I am having trouble treating the sim like it were real money because I want to learn as much as possible which I think requires that I trade as much as I can and make mistakes with fake money so I don't make them with real money. I usually start out the day trading as if the money were real, and I would say that 60% of the time I am able to generate some, albeit small, "profits" (sim money so I hesitate to call it profit). However, since I am in a simulator, I find myself over-trading pretty much every day. My problem is that I get to a point where I would quit for the day, either because I generated enough profit, or because I incurred enough losses that I know I should call it quits. However, because I have the simulator for 3 months and I know I won't use real money until at least this period is over, I feel compelled to continue trading in order to learn as much as I can from practicing in the simulator. Now I have learned many great lessons from doing this, such as the fact that revenge trading and averaging down on a loser are ALWAYS bad ideas. However, also think that I am perhaps learning to take some trades on impulse which I haven't fully vetted, and worse yet, sometimes they work out ok which might reinforce this reckless trading style in my brain. I think it would be more effective for myself if I could somehow have my wins/losses carry over to the next trading day, this would give me a reason to actually treat my account likes it's real since I wouldn't have that security of knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day with a fresh 25k. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or have any other suggestions for how to handle this specific problem with simulator trading? Appreciate any and all input! Thanks! -Dominic
  9. Hey everyone, I am moving to Amsterdam in a couple months and wanted to connect with any Amsterdam or NL based traders. I'm a 32 year old American male from San Francisco, and I'll be moving with my wife who will be attending university at UvA. I am not allowed to work on my visa so I am planning to trade full time and I was hoping to meet with some other trader(s) to share strategies, discuss the market, and learn from each other's successes and failures. I also was hoping someone could help me understand how taxes in NL work so I can do what I can to reduce my tax burden. Hope to hear from someone! -Dominic
  10. Hi Guys, I just got started this week and so far I have been fumbling with my hotkeys quite a bit. I want to fine tune them to my liking but I am not sure how to do it properly and unfortunately the documentation DAS offers is pretty basic and I am having difficulty finding any more detailed information through google. I'm hoping there is more detailed documentation which someone can point me to, or is there somewhere in the program that I can see a list of all available commands? The issues I am currently dealing with are as follows: First of all, I see there are dozens of Route options, and I see Andrew uses one called SMRTL which I don't even see on the drop down list in the script builder. Is there a comprehensive list of these route options and what is the advantage/disadvantage of each? I understand the basics such as Market and Limit but I am not finding any explanation for the SMRTL anywhere. Also, what would be the advantage of routing directly to an exchange? Secondly, is there a list of all of the available commands for building scripts? For example, I see in Andrew's hotkeys that you can use BP and AvgCost and even perform some basic math in the script, but these are not listed anywhere in the program that i have seen and not in the documentation either. I suspect there are many more commands which would be useful but I am not sure where to find them. Is there some comprehensive list of all the available commands? For example, I would like to try to set a price to the low of the day or the high of the day, or to set the shares or price based on my equity as opposed to buying power, is this possible?
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