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  1. Hi Martin, thanks again for your answer, this is high value input :). I had been aware that one should only trade a proven system life, but the reasons you listed and the importance of that trust are new and important aspects to me. As criteria for going live, I as well thought of going green for a certain period / average. But I have some doubts on this. I wonder if paper trading can be representive for real. I have one setup yet, that I like, that is simple, and I am consistently (slightly) profitable on, while I don't think that it's developed to it's full extend yet. But since I am simulating and learning, a try a lot of other set ups as well, I sometimes take unrealistic risks, I just do stupid thing intentionally, mostly to learn and to expiriment. And as one sure thing is that by this my sim account will never go green ;). Therefore I wonder if it makes sense to go live with just one proven setup, do one or two trades a day with it, and meanwhile continue simulating, switching back to the paper account for all risky, doubtful, unsecure stuff. One reason to want this is to prove my first set up is right. But also I am hoping to make just $250 a month, to maintain DAS and BBT fees. I invest a lot in my learning, especially time but also money, and I would feel much better if I could at least get flat by these. Would be great to hear your thoughts about this. Cheers Daniel
  2. Hi Martin, thanks a lot for your reply! I agree, this forum doesn't look to active any more. What would you consider a or some reasonable KPI to achieve in sim before going live? I think of something like getting green, a certain avg P&L / day, a certain win rate, a certain R rate or how successful my strategies are? Also thanks for pointing me into direction of the journaling video, will definetly check it out. Cheers Daniel
  3. Hello, I am looking for ecxchange wih people using logging software, especially chartlog like I do, on how you utilize Tags / Custom Fields / Strategy Descriptions for your logging and improvement. I would be highly interested in all kind of setups you found useful (or not!) and ofcourse gladly share my aproaches so far. Looking forward to read from you Cheers Daniel
  4. Hi, not sure if anyone is reading this but I'll give it a ty :). My Name is Daniel, I am trading from Germany, Central Europe. I started Summer 22, read all books from Andrew and have a SetUp ready with DAS and BBT. I am simulating on a daily base since this year and wonder if I go real soon or if it's too early. Theroy-wise I am currently doing the BBT basic modules and am reading The Playbook from M. Bellafiore. My current missions are to establish a consistent set of logging, using Chartlog and to improve my strategies with a current focus on exiting / taking profit. I would be highly interested at any kind of contact ands exchange on these or other newbie topics, please reach out :). Looking forward to meet you all, Cheers Daniel
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