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  1. Afternoon everyone, Just a heads up, a few of us are planning to meet in the hotel lobby bar at 3:30pm tomorrow for networking. Feel free to join us. If you aren’t sure what group of people we are there, just shoot me a text and I’ll help you out. 216-346-7727
  2. Are any of the traders planning on getting together on the 1st when they fly in? I get in around 2:30pm to the hotel and would love to grab drinks, food or head to the beach with fellow traders to get to know everyone and share ideas. If interested respond here or text me 216-346-7727. If something is already planned and I can join let me know.
  3. Hi Everyone, Looking forward to meeting everyone in person and learning a bunch of cool stuff! - David B. (chatroom handle, SonoFusion)
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