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  1. Hello I am Julian Montero transmitting from Colombia, my interest in investing began in January 2022, and with very little knowledge I began to invest long-term little capital, following what other investors were doing. But day after day I saw how my capital was falling enormously. Then I started researching how to profit from bear markets, and tried fruitlessly to make efforts to make money in those markets. Three months ago I read Andrew's book "How to live from Traiding", and I felt very identified with many things he said, and in one of his Videos I heard something like "when I started investing I could not sleep checking news and waiting for how the stock was going to dawn the next day". With that phrase I understood that my personality could be more focused on day trading. Today I am more interested than ever in joining the community and learning from the best! Although with a lot of joy but also with caution.
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