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    • Upendra, Thank you I hope you can make it as well and just joined the club!
    • James - we have a club (AZ Club) where JJ and myself are members, if you can add yourself that would be great. Have everyone under 1 spot for easier reach.
    • Thanks Upendra, I hope you can make it!
    • Hi James/JJ; I'll try to make it on 3/11 too - though I am taking a break from live trading to regroup & rethink my next step. Thur is a working day for me so I'm not 100% sure I can get out for a couple of hours, it's a long drive from my place in Ahwatukee. Thanks, Upendra
    • Thank you peterB, yes it is. I am using Kyle's Hotkey to enter into a position initially. So I have decided to go and create a order entry hotkey first to do this and then try to write it to be a trigger order after I have a order first.   I believe I need to start here: DefShare=25/Pos; DefShare=Round2; Price=AvgCost; Price=Round2; Stoploss=Price-DefShare If I followed Kyle's info correct DefShare, SShare and Share are INT (Used as a temporary variable for storage) with SShare as unassigned. although to be honest I don't follow INT? I do get the temporary variable this is what I am looking for. Later he talks about TogSShare to release it I don't follow what is happening there so I will attempt to stay away from SShare. This script will get the math done I think and now just add where to assign the numbers into the montage for the order.
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