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    • 📉+$632 Trade Recap: AMD 1-Min ORB VWAP Breakout, TSLA 9/20, MU VWAP Run and 9/20🚀 Trade Date: 6/21/24 AMD - after a quick selloff to 20EMA daily and S1 a beautiful double bullish candles formed coinciding with a VWAP break and 1-Min Opening Range Breakout. You could not ask for cleaner setup. Went long at break of HOD towards Pre-Market High and R1. We were stalling on the way to R1 so I partialed on the way up aggressively and decided to not hold for a potential uptrend. TSLA - was holding the consolidation area of Pre-Market after a quick run-up and sell-off. Thought we may try for PDC and a 9/20. High chance of failure for this setup so I waited for the 1-Min 9EMA break for my entry and partialed out at the 20 EMA with a final target of R1. The L2 was turning bullish during this time. **Clean trade but Tesla is known to whipsaw around so I did not hold. Tried again later for a break of VWAP but were ranging and decided to exit and not risk my gains. MU - gapped down on the daily and had a strong bounce from the daily 20 EMA. This trade was pure momentum and had targets of VWAP and 20EMA 1-Min. Partialed at the 9 and 20 EMA 1-Min then fully out once we pulled back more than 50% of the previous candle. #AMD #TSLA #TESLA #MICRON #MU #VWAP #ORB #920
    • see here https://open.substack.com/pub/traderpeter/p/das-trader-advanced-hotkeys-part?r=1wujo4&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web
    • Would anyone based in London like to meet any time soon?
    • Hi, Can someone please help me understand this thread? I have the same question, so I'm interested to read the whole thing. It looks like a conversation between two people: Lucian and Peter. However, I'm not able to see or read any of Peter's posts. All I can see are posts by Lucian_Dinu. I'm a member of BBT, at the elite membership. Can anyone help me better understand the forum system? Thanks! Daniel
    • I'm curious if there are any BBT'ers in Hawaii.  I live on Oahu, Ala Moana area.   If so, thought we might chat/get together for beverages.   Cheers, John 
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