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Leigh Jeffery

Jan 19 - John - High of Day Break Strategy

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Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar!

High of Day Break Strategy

John has been trading the High of Day Break strategy almost exclusively since early 2020 and he credits it with turning his trading career around. In fact, he has traded it over 1300 times in the past year with great success. In essence, it is a very simple strategy and great for beginner traders. But it can also be easily adapted to add specificity and complexity to account for things like stock price, time of day, nearby levels, etc. The beauty of the strategy is that it provides a very basic starting point from which a trader can begin to develop their own unique edge.

Date :   Tues Jan 19, 2021
Time :  8:00 PM ET
Location :  Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)

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Hey John, could you go over your stoploss management for a stock like TSLA.  If you have a $4 stop loss, then how do you take your profit?  Is the first partial at 1R?  I see that you many times you get out well before -1R loss, what's the trigger to get out of trades earlier.


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Where can I watch this after the event please?  I'm a new lifetime member and based in the UK so struggle to see these presentations live as I currently work full time still.  I've had a look in the webinars in the education centre but can't see it there. Or does it take a few days before they're uploaded? 


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