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AAPL (12-13 October 2020)

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Hi all,

General trend for AAPL is uptrend for the past few years of data. 


Trading Plan

Area of value: 117.50 to 104.50 for the past 1 month's range

Entry trigger: 117.50

Stop loss: 112.50

Exit: 122 (10%), 128(50%), 138(40%)

Time frame of holding: 2 days - 12 days

Note: At the level of 138, there was a huge pressure to sell off as it was a new high for AAPL. 


Projected numbers

As my capital is very limited, I am only able to execute this trade at 20 shares.

Loss: $100 (2% of my capital)

Profits: $270 (11.5%)



Apple has been trading in the range of 117.50 - 104.50, hence you can expect a very high probability breakout before/on day of news on the 13 October. 



-Positive news of new products, new online shops in India market and flagship store in SG. Overall, positive news. 



AAPL 2020-10-10 1437.png

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