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Ray's Swing Trading Journal

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Yesterday, got stopped out and stop profits in positions. 

Mostly in cash and looking for re-entry. Looking at financials and industrial for re-entry. 

$SLV - over traded and gave back some of the profits. 

Things I did poorly and things to consider for this week: 

  • Over trading - need to wait for the right setup 
  • Boring is good; i need to wait for the right setup
  • Entering trades without a strategy will need to losses. It may work sometimes but long term it will be a losing strategy.

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Back in the Gold & Silver trade: $GDXJ, $GDX & $SLV

WL: Maxar Technologies and Dollar General (on a pull back)



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Posted (edited)

cool some more swing traders here. just exploring the forum a little. thanks for your insights, I have been swing trading for a couple of years too and Im new to day trading. what are your current holdings and whats your invest ratio? would be great to share some ideas once in a while. Now that I focus on day trading especially at the open, I feel like I'm getting destracted seeing at the market from a swing trader perspective and also missed some trades I actually prepared to enter, such as FSLR and WDC.

my newest positons are:

  • CCL (to me the cruiser with best chart, sector could benefit from rotation and the ABT news about quick corona test)
  • ALK (same reasoning as above)
  • ISRG (took the 70x breakout, it has beeen consolitdating sideways on high level for quite long and is due for a move higher if you compare to other strong stocks)
  • WORK (could be a delayed mover, many digital plays are on incredible heights and WORK is still down, was strong before bad earnings)
  • TSLA short. (very risky, my entry is around 2220, entered on thursay and thought I'm gonna get stopped out but friday candle looks weaker and showed relative weakness. I may double my positon if it makes a new low on daily on monday. if sellers step in it can also drop quickly as they lock in big gains)


I also shorted MES and MNQ futures as hedge but already closed for a loss. market is too strong and looks higher. I always feel like buying the top up here for quite some time already but it still just moves higher


will be following you journal here. 

Edited by Sebastian B
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Posted (edited)

well this TSLA short got stopped out. 


if you think TSLA is worth more than BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, PSA, Renault, FIAT Chrysler, Ford, GM, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Suzuki altogether, then you can still hold or even buy the stock.

btw, today alone, TSLA added the market cap of BMW... 🤪


Edited by Sebastian B

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I traded $TSLA for the $1K breakout. I haven't traded it since the b/o phase.

Thank you for following my journal. 

Here are my current open Swing positions: 

  1. $GDXJ
  2. $GDX 
  3. $SLV
  4. $SRNE (5% trailing stop loss - in place)
  5. $SQ
  6. $GRWG
  7. $FSLY
  8. $SBUX
  9. $WDAY - (up 25% - will be trimming today)
  10. $ALK 

Closed positions: 

  1. $WORK (entered below $29 - sold above $32)
  2. $WGO

Looking to start swing positions in the following: 

  1. $WKHS
  2. $APPS
  3. $YETI









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