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Modern Traders Summit 2019 Speakers TLDR

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Just a quick dive into the other three speakers in the Montreal Summit, June 22, 2019.

Jane Gallina is a returning speaker from 2018.  She has a very active social media profile as well as free weekly stocks in a play youtube video.  She offers a premium to her daily stock list.  Her recommendations is based largely on overbought or oversold in the daily chart time frame.  She goes by the handle "AirplaneJane."  She published #FMJ Trust Transition Trade: How Successful Traders Said It, Did It, and Lived It in 2017.  The book's contains a series of conversation from different people asking what a day in daytrader is like.  Her Instagram (@missairplanejane) is very interesting as my wife would question my underlining motive "of looking for stock recommendations" from her feed.

Jerremy Newsome has published four digital books.  They are free via his website per in exchange for your email.  Jerremy  surrounds himself with a team of traders that trades everything.  His youtube videos are very similar to BBT as we talk about daily levels and our awesome ADog (William)'s and RobertH the message about confluences of trends from multiple timeframes, support/resist trendlines, and volume confirmation (per Anna Coulling's Volume Price Analysis).  You can find him at www.RealLifeTrading.com and on youtube with the same name.

Tracy Shuchart is a commodity and energy trader from her twitter (@chigrl) feed.  Her blog was last updated July 2018.  A quick internet search of her name shows she is an active moderator in a trading chat room.  

Cheers and #NOFOMO2019


2018 Speakers at the Summit.pdf

2019 Speakers – Modern Traders Summit June 22, 2019.pdf

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