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    • @Igor Incredible work! A few suggestions based on the parameters I track (more like feature requests lol): -Ability to tag trades (by strategy, etc.). I see you have this in the planned already -Time of day trade was taken. I divide the session into: Pre-Market, Open, Late Morning, Lunch, Midday, Close -Risk Multiple Trading. You may be familiar with the term "R" and all the amazing performance metrics that can be calculated based of it such as payoff ratio, etc. Thank you for taking the time to develop this. Subscribed.
    • Live trading summary for week ending 8/16/19. Much less drama this week. Improved my score card with an average of 86%. I took 7 live trades this week. One trade I was disappointed with. My win% was a good 57% but I was flat for the week. I took one big loss and no big winner. I took 18 SIM trades (5/10/15min ORBs) with a 60% win rate, which is really high for me. Since AAPL was the only stock that my weekend back test data said was in play and I had shorts, so it was most of my trades. ROKU backtest data said it was in play, but It was giving false long signals at the open and really good short signals but Centerpointe has no shorts (on the easy to short list). So I gave up on it and looked at NVDA on Friday instead. Back test data shows AAPL still in play at the open. Last week I had two possible stocks for my secondary focus, ROKU and TSLA. ROKU always had a better premarket, but the good moves were to the short side (at the open) where I don’t have shorts with Centerpointe. Looking at last week charts of TSLA it would have been the better one to follow, but it always had little volume in the premarket. But maybe it’s like FB where it doesn’t need PM volume. Here is my plan for this week: Concentrate on process and score card, not on W% and P/L   AAPL is still in play at the open. Make it the primary focus. Both MU, AMD and FB are marginal. Do not trade at the open until better data. Keep $30 risk per trade. If you can find a stock on the gappers list that you like then make it your secondary focus. If not choose TSLA. Use small share size or even SIM when trading TSLA until you better understand its personality Keep trading 5/10/15 min on SIM Don’t add to any trade, even winners. Continue with the Van Tharp’s Peak Performance Course for Traders.  
    • How are traders liking the Stream Deck or other similar keyboards. Any update of Pros and Cons from any of you? I am so close to FINALLY getting on of these Elgato Streamdecks. But would love so honest recent feedback from some users.
    • @Igor Wow! This is amazing. you and @KyleK29are amazing members of our community! Thank you so much for putting the effort to fix these problems with yourself and then sharing it with the rest of us. @IgorMay I ask how far along are you with this project? and how long have you been working on it?
    • @KurtLoeblich October 19th is perfect, but definitely start a new fresh thread when you do the official meetup post.

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