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  1. Thanks for your replies, Abiel and Peter! And @PeterB, especially for adding the links to handy content. This is what I thought, but turns out it is a bit more complicated than that. The manufacturers apparently determines if and how many external monitors are supported. One of the returned laptops had a thunderbolt3 port, but the manufacturer decided not to apply the multi-monitor protocol. Now I'm waiting on a laptop with a thunderbolt4 port, of which the manufacturer has confirmed all protocols are present. By chance, my girlfriend was reading along when I came to this part of your reply.. We had a good laugh about it. No worries on this part though, as we've been through so much together.
  2. Well, not completely lost, but I all tips and tricks are welcome, and highly appreciated! My name is Stefan (same in the chat), 37 years old and live in the Netherlands, near Breda, with my 4-year old son and girlfriend. I am a consultant, with a background in physics and business administration, at a medium-sized consultancy firm. Around half a year ago I came in contact with day trading, when I was finding my way in crypto and looking for something more stable. After reading some books (not yet Andrew's) I started watching the BBT Pre-market Prep on YT and joined a Dutch/Belgium community. Although they are doing their best, the founders of this community are not yet experienced enough to lead a community. So then I read Day Trading for a Living and last week decided to join BBT and ended up in Wonderland. In a positive sense by the way, as there is so much content to explore. My plan for now is, eventually, trading the 2 hours after the market opens. For me, those are the 2 hours before dinner and before my son returns from school. This immediately gives some guidance to the strategies I will be adding to my tradebook. I have finished the basic courses, I join the chatroom almost every day and now I am working my way through the essential training courses. I started out with Technology and quickly realized I could not postpone ordering a new laptop any longer. Apparently though, connecting 3 monitors to a laptop via a docking station is not that straight forward. At this point, I am waiting for the fourth laptop to arrive . I returned the first three after discovering that the thunderbolt connector did not support multiple monitors, as was stated on the retailers' websites. After getting my setup up and running, I plan on installing DAS, going through the Technology courses and getting all the different settings implemented. While waiting for the hardware, I am focusing on the Trader's Business Plan courses. I figured that would be a nice place to start. Or would you guys recommend doing something else first? After my business plan, I am planning on starting with building my tradebook. In the past few months, I have already spend some time on the psychology part, realizing it's importance, by reading books like Trading in the Zone, Trading for a Living and Mastering Trading Psychology. Still, lots to learn on the subject, and looking forward to the psychology courses. Finally, to finish of this monologue , I could really use your advice on what is the logical order to start at BBT. Am I doing things in a logical order, or am I missing something here? Again, all tips and tricks are highly appreciated. Looking forward to being part of this community, and if you want to know more about me, feel free to ask me anything.
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