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  1. Thank you for posting this. You would think this script would be one of the main basic ones available. I've been trying to figure this out for a few hours!
  2. I hope that your experience with TradeStation is going better than mine. I have been with TS for a year now, and I'm throwing in the towel. Probably heading for DAS with either IB or CenterPoint. The problems I've had with TS have made it impossible to focus on becoming a successful day trader. The program is a very bulky tool that, in my opinion, tries to incorporate too many things to be a really effective day trading execution tool. My belief, based on my experiences with about 7 brokers/platforms, is that the best platform for a day trader will be one that is dedicated to fast, accurate price quotes and executions, without trying to be the best analysis tool. Separation of duties is the key concept. I can't count the number of tech support calls and chats I've had to place because of platform issues. The current ongoing issue is that during the normal high volatility of the open and close for stocks-in-play, the price quotes on my charts freeze for 10 seconds up to a minute at a time. Then suddenly they jump to the new price, which can be very far away from the last price, and freeze there for a while. I have done side-by-side tests with my other charting software - Fidelity, Schwab, TradingView - and have not had that problem with the others. My network speed and ping tests are impeccable, my computer resources are well within spec. Tradestation tech support has checked out my machine and can't see anything wrong on my end, but also won't admit to anything wrong on their end. The platform is built on 32-bit architecture, which is outdated now, but there are no plans to update to 64-bit. And I haven't even touched on the consistent bad fills or no-fills. It's just not fast, agile, and reliable enough for the kind of trading I do. I don't feel like trying to solve an unsolvable problem anymore, so it's time for me to move on. I hope it works out for you!
  3. Hi, I am new to the community and am seriously considering switching my platform to DAS. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used Tradestation, and if so, ever had latency issues with prices and charts. I'm having this now every day at the open and the close on stocks in play. It's unusable. I know a lot of people here use DAS, so just wondering if anyone has used both, had problems with TS, and could compare the two.
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