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  1. Thanks Brad, looks like I should be good just wish they had better customer service and offered more clarity. They make it hard to give them money.
  2. Hi Abiel, Thanks for the response! Is this a new policy for IB? When I looked on their website it said they do enforce PDT, with IB japan being the only exception https://www.interactivebrokers.ca/en/index.php?f=4745&p=daytrade. I know there is members from Europe who have said that IB no longer enforces PDT for them (except in the UK) but even this was a little hard to dig into. If IB Canada does allow me to trade with no PDT enforcement, would they still allow margin at 5k? Also, would these funds have to in CDN and subject to daily exchange fluctuations or could I hold an account in USD? Lastly, would I still be able to use PRO or given my account size would have to use LITE? Apologies for needing further clarification, I have asked IB support all of these questions but their customer service leaves something to be desired. Not sure if that is COVID related or status quo but I remain unclear and do not want to deposit without clarification. Any insight would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking to open a 5k account from Canada and am looking for a broker that supports DAS and does not enforce the PDT rule. From what I have found so far, Alliance Trader is the only one that meets this criteria. Does anyone have any recent experience with Alliance? Are BBT members still offered a discount there? Any other options available? Thanks everyone! Cheers
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