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  1. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to day trading, in fact, haven't even started on sim yet. I'm working my way through all the education videos on the site and am getting close to purchasing das to start practicing. However my current computer is very cheap and (while I don't know much about computers) I'm sure it will not be able to run the necessary programs. I'm planning on purchasing a computer to trade on, and eventually 4 monitors to use. However, I am stuck on what computer to purchase as I don't know that much about their specs. By budget for the computer itself is about $650 before tax (this is not including the monitors). I have looked around and come up with this one https://www.newegg.com/hp-pavilion-tp01-0040-student-home-office/p/N82E16883997623 . I think that it supports 4 monitors and that it would run the programs needed to trade. My questions are 1. Would this computer be enough to trade on? 2. Do you have any other suggestions that would be in my budget that supports 4 monitors and 3. is my budget too low? 4. This might be an obvious question but just want to make sure, I can use usb to hdmi connectors for three of my monitors since this only has one hdmi port? Thanks guys, Jeremy
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