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  1. I currently live in Edmonton but have plans to move to Victoria by spring. What is the best way to find an accountant that is specifically experienced in day trading taxation and accounting setup?
  2. I have accumulated capital losses over the past few years from long-term investments in energy related stocks (Capital Account). I have now started day trading and based on my frequency of trading, and the desire to write off trading expenses, I believe going forward I should be using "Income Account" method. Going forward, how can I claim "Capital Account" for my long-term investments so I can take advantage of writing off future capital gains against past accumulated losses, but still use "Income Account" for my day trading activities? Can this be done by simply keeping long-term investments in a separate account or broker from day trading or would I have to form registered company to keep day trading separate? Also, if I need to set up a registered "trading" company, since I started day trading in February 2020, what would be the deadline for setting up such a company? Thank you very much for your answers!
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