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  1. Great explanation, thanks for taking the time to post it! @WilliamH They way you explained it all in detail is very clear and even more useful! No more questions left on the subject.
  2. Hopefully. This is what I found so far: https://investors.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=1590 If I'll consider DAS and IB I'll call both to get clarification. It is confusing that IB charges the commission but DAS tripled the amount of said commission. I haven't found a lot of clear info on this to be honest. I've been playing with TOS and it's as clear as it gets with them... Apparently it's just not suited for fast scalping.
  3. I asked DAS. This was the response: Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry but there were a few modifications done on some of our deals. You are currently being charged $0.0035 per share with $2.95 minimum. So basically they tripled our papertrading minimum commission without saying a word...
  4. Hi Sam, Yes I checked out the fixed and tiered structure on IB's website. What surprised me was that the commission changed hours after I stopped trading.
  5. Hi guys, I've just sent a message to DAS to inquire but wanted to ask here as well in case somebody has the relevant info. This morning while I was trading I was monitoring my fees and commissions under Account Report. Every ticket cost $1.00 when you place the trade. I finished (over)trading at 66 tickets and my commission was $66.00. To much of my surprise when I looked at my account a few minutes ago to recap the day I saw that the commission was $190 or so. I think the fees did not change. Can anybody explain why it changed during the day? It's very frustrating that I couldn't rely on the information DAS provided when I finished trading this morning. Thanks a lot, Zsolt
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