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  1. Pgieri

    New Broker Announcement: Alliance Trader

    All, This is additional information I have received per emails: As it relates to Margin trading: on accounts over 2500 you get 6:1 intraday and 2:1 overnight. The margin fees are: daily margin interest 10% per annum, margin call $25 and overnight short position fee 10% of the value of the position. Funding: $30 fee (plus any fees associated with your bank) for incoming wires Withdrawl: 35 for domestic (plus any fees from your bank) and $70 for international.
  2. Pgieri

    New Broker Announcement: Alliance Trader

    Thanks! I am a bit confused by the fact that the trade off for DAS Pro is 500 in commissions per previous post, but I wonder if there was a typo in there since the other commission offsets are equivalent to their costs for the platform - or the equivalent of 120 in commissions.
  3. Pgieri

    New Broker Announcement: Alliance Trader

    jayawt111 - when you filled out the application, what did you put for software package and trade plan? Or did you contact them prior to submitting an application?

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