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  1. Hello Hyon.  Welcome to BBT Denver traders.  If you have any questions Nik, Marcel or myself will be happy to help you with your day trading journey.

  2. SPY conditions as of Jan 9th, 2018.  The market has retraced 50% to the 257-258 level with yesterday creating a daily doji candle.  Appears to me the 262 area will be interesting as it is the daily 50 SMA and 61.8% retracement. 


    1. DollarBill


      SPY retraced to 280 and consolidated here from the last three days after the fed chair Powell made  "market accommodating" comments two weeks ago.

      The British Brexit is still a mess.

      Trade tariffs between China are pending to increase if talks fail.  China extended an olive branch by affirming purchasing of commodity goods like soybean, rice, and other raw materials.  

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