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  1. Hello guys! I'm new in the comunity, as well a new trader, and I have only $1000 to use in my account. For now I am using DASTrader Simulator, but I plan to start trading with real money when I feel ready. Could you guys give me some tips on how to trade with this tiny account size? Like: - Menage my risk - Calculate the number of shares - Not be eaten by taxes and fees - Which stocks to avoid
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Henrique Fraga, 21 years old Brazillian who is a Drawing Art Student and eventually started to be interested in Financial Market (prior Day Trading). September of this year I bought the Andrew Book "How to Day Trade For a Living", an exceptional book, and then on the beginning of this month I subscribed here, but I was kind unconfident to trade and realised that I needed to review my knowledge by watching the Educational Classes. Now I think I'm confident and I plan to start my first trading day tomorrow. My account size is very tiny ($1000), would you guys give me some advice on how to trade with this specific tiny Account Size? Other question that i have is more technical, How to configurate and place R&S and Pre-market levels on DAS? Thanks everyone, success for all of us!

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