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  1. Prescribed. Like medicine! Good luck! Hope you get back on track soon!
  2. Hi Peter, don't be too hard on yourself. From what I've heard and seen and read from Andrew and other BBT members I concluded that becoming a consistent trader takes at least a year. 51% is better than half bad. And I suppose you see a trend to higher percentages. :-) Do I understand correctly that you are live-trading? And you are working full-time? That must be tough. My background is in engineering and physics. So, the technical side is no problem, but in the few weeks that I have been paper trading I have stepped in about every imaginable and unimaginable trading trap. That's part of it. As you say, an investment. Cheers
  3. Hi Peter and other EU Club-members, Since early December I am simulating trading in the DAS trader. I haven't been with another community before and this is my first encounter with the trading world. Even though it is paper money, I find it daunting and scary and irresistible at the same time. However, I am determined to become a consistent trader in the coming year -- ambitious, I know, but one has to have goals. Peter, you are onboard since more than 6 months, right? How do you look back on your experience? What's your plan? How do the other club members answer these questions? Cheers, Dagmar
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