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  1. Thanks Pete and Brian, Peter, I am not sure how you got the previous day close and open to show on your charts, any pointers on that? This will be my first week using the IB TWS system, will let you all know how I get on and how it compares to DAS. My immediate thoughts are DAS was very intuitive/light weight.
  2. Guys, I have been practising in DAS Trader Pro (paper trading) for over 6 months. I am now confident enough to start using real money, but my margins are small, so $150 per month would put a bit of a dent into my earnings. I have setup IB Trader Workstation to be almost identical to my DAS Trader Pro setup. I just have a few questions: Has anyone/is anyone currently using the platform and have any tips on the pros/cons of it? Can you setup the charts to have the daily open and close prices (same as DAS Trader)? I've transferred money, more than enough to cover my level 2 subscription costs, but the subscription hasn't been activated yet...not sure why? Any info is much appreciated.
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