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  1. 8 minutes ago, Mike B said:

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Here is a list I compiled of everyone that is coming. If I missed you, I apologize. If your not on the list does not matter, come and join us anyways. The more the merrier. 

    1. Andrew

    2. YFNspiderman82

    3. Mike B.

    4. Nick Abrams

    5. jvargas2108

    6. Ryan P

    7. Trinity

    8. ecadaret

    9./10. ShivaMani

    12. rizza0907

    13. Dani846

    14. cthennebry

    15. R Lu

    16. Lou

    17. svb333031


    And this doesnt include the few non members who reached out on Youtube. So we should have 20+ there tonight. 

  2. UPDATE:


    The BJ's contacted me and they can NOT do 7p

    NEW TIME IS 8pm

    This actually turns out to be better bc of traffic. The teacher strike is also helping that.


    *Side note

    Apologies about the location for the LA people. At the time that I set this up and spoke with Andrew I was not aware SD had a meetup a few months ago. In the LA meet up last year several people came up from SD so I figure we could lend them a hand this time around. If youre in the LA area and want to attend but cant bc of the drive send me a PM. I can carpool and seat another 4 people with me. 

  3. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1st 2019


    Thats the date. Andrew will be here and AZ so he wants to knock out the trips back to back.

    I threw the idea around about hosting this at Magic Castle if thats something you may want to do.

    Once I get a head count I can make reservation there or somewhere else.

  4. Thanks for keeping it up guys.

    Andrew doesnt mind the day but would prefer it to be a Fri-Sun so he doesnt miss a trading day.

    Bc Ive gotten feedback from ppl on the WhatsApp coming from SD so I'd like to have the location more in LA proper

    so the SD ppl dont have to drive as far. 


    And the poll is not asking if you can meet THAT particular Monday but more of a "What week would you prefer?"


    Let others know and Ill be updating this and the WhatsApp.




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