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  1. Hi Adam,

    My name is Jeff Podell and would love to be part of working group on Thor's book. please let me know - many thanks and my email is [email protected].

    thanks again,


    1. AdamzTradez


      Check your forum messages. I have added you to a group conversation titled.
      Thor's Book Group Study - "A Complete Day Trading System"

    2. jpodell


      Adam thanks for setting this up and i look forward to participating. Regarding your questions:

      1. Still waiting for hard copy in order to order and then read

      2. Thor has over the past year has been invaluable in teaching me a system that delivers an edge, has allowed me to learn a streamlined and "simple" system (CAMS, VPA, Tape/L2) which while very hard to execute - which is really great; it allows me to continue building on my education in the system and allows me to most importantly focus on the execution of this system and being more disciplined in trading it. Love learning how to get better within a system where the focus is what is happening now.

      3.  I've been in the asset management space for 30yrs, but have been day trading since August of 2021 and joining the BBT community in October 2021 which has proved invaluable. 

      4. I am an intraday trader using (or trying to utilize :)) the "Thor's comprehensive system" - looking to better understand where longer term participants have to take action and to integrate an option strategy to both trade, but for now to learn how they also impact where large investors need to take action.

      Thanks again,


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