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  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Cindy. I'm 25 years old and from San Francisco. I'm new to trading as I just started learning in April. I'm currently working as a full-time pharmacist. I realized that my student debt would take way too long to pay off for the life I want to live. I found out about trading and felt that it would be a good path to head down with the eventual goal of working less hours and having more freedom in life. 

    I was learning from a different community but didn't like the vibe and didn't feel like the members were very supportive of each other. I was also searching for more information to learn when I found Andrew's book and BBT. I decided to try BBT's 1 week trial last week and was blown away by the professionalism and level of support members had for each other in this group. I felt like I learned so much more in 1 week with through this platform than I did in the entire month of April so I HAD to join.

    I'm so excited to keep learning and growing with everyone! 😁


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