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  1. Hi Chris,

    if you right click somewhere near that drop-down list in your montage then click "Order Template" , you should get a popup window with some config of the default settings in the montage. 

    if you play with the settings and make sure to apply it to all the exchange markets it should work. Also try to save it into a Desktop file configuration. 

    Hope that works with you.



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  2. I you are going to go live, you need to start with a low risk per each trade and slowly increase it as you do better.

    Your max loss per day is 1% of your account size? I think this is a lot.

    I would recommend  to limit your max loss to the equivalent of 3 times your risk per trade (3R), hence limiting over-trading and high commissions. 

  3. Hello BBT

    This is my first year working on my taxes as a daytrader. I am not sure on how to add expenses on Schedule C, assuming I qualify for the trader status (i.e. Computer, monitors, chatroom, desk, etc...)

    Can anyone share a snapshot of their Schedule C? (of course without your personal info). 

    Thank you!



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