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  1. if you double click on the contract your looking to buy and sell that will bring up the chart for the option your interested in and also load it into the main montage. From there you can use the same hot keys you use for stocks to buy and sell the contract (buy on the ask + 5 cents, sell on the bid -5 cents etc). I've put in a request with Das to add hot buttons directly to the options chain the same way you can the montage but who knows if and when that will be released. if you want to keep things simple though you can just single click on the option contract your interested in trading and use the default "buy to open" sell to close" buttons on the option chain with market orders if your just looking to day trade calls and puts. i use the smrtm route with IB for this and havent had any issues so far getting in and out near the last price. I do stick to highly liquid options like $SPY and $TSLA though. wouldn't recommend using that approach with a random stock in play.
  2. I have a layout that would allow you to daytrade options if your just looking to trade Long calls and long puts without doing anything complex.. you would just select the strike price in the option chain with a single click to buy and sell the contract while still looking at the stock chart itself or you can double click on the strike price your looking to trade and it will replace the stock chart with the option chart so you can focus on that if you prefer to. I cant upload it here but if you want it to test and tweak for yourself you can let me know and ill send it out in a email
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