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What brokers are you using in Europe?

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I personally use LYNX (part of Interactive brokers), however, the branch looks to be located in UK, so it might be a subject to trouble after BREXIT.

Anybody has heard anything yet?

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Hi Peter -- I am new in the group - (just doing my 2 week trial right now).  I am an American, hubby is Danish and we live in Switzerland.  

We have signed up with Saxo Bank,  because they would let us hold our account in USD.  I am not loving Saxo -- their customer service is pretty sad.  Also I have to use one of their platforms -- SaxoTraderGo is the online platform, and SaxoTraderPro is the downloadable program. -- We have only been with Saxo for a week. -- it took 6 weeks to get the account set up! 

I am interested in switching to IB so that I can follow the lessons and use the DAS trader, although that is pretty expensive.  Also the Demo in Saxo on 15 minute delay, so my practice is not really a good one -- when I buy or sell with limit, it will use the real time price to fill the order, so that messes the whole thing up.  I have been in the chat room, and then it's like I am cheating because I hear the trades they are making 15 minutes before it shows up on my screen!

Fees on Saxo seem expensive -- min $15 per trade, plus a bunch of other fees.  if I make more than 100 trades per month it goes down to $6 so that is better.  Maybe this is normal but if I am already paying $600 per month, I am going to have to be a really good trader right out of the gate just to stay above water! 

Would love to hear your thoughts on how it is to be with BBT and not using DAS   . . . 

Jennifer (JenniferL)in chat


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Hi JenniferL,

the demo you describe seems to be useless. Also too expensive as everything in Switzerland. I am personally using IB trading platform which comes free with having an account there and the fees are ok, even the inactivity fee is small so there is no problem using IB without DAS

Anyway there is a new broker https://www.alliancetrader.com/ promoted by Andrew in his last email which is giving you DAS for free if you are active trader so you can use that one as weell. They do not apply the PDT rule as well which migt be good if you do not intend to start with more than 25k USD

Anyway if you use DAS with Bearbulltraders and IB you get the real time data subscription as a discount so also a good thing

Just read the latest email from Andrew -Update on new brokers and commission; exclusive to our community



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