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If you arrange something, let me know.  My email is Rickhubbard561@gmail.com. 

If you're on Facebook, we could start a private facebook group. I'll set it up if you wish. 

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ONLY 10 DAYS until the South Florida Bear Bull Meetup!  There are 16 people currently registered.  If you have not responded to the Evite below, please do so today, so that the reservation can be finalized.  This restaurant is on the second floor over "Boston's on the Beach" .  So look for the stairs or elevator proceed up one floor.  There are parking meters on the street and a parking garage about a block or two west of the beach.  There may also be Valet parking, but i'm not sure about this.  If the weather is nice arrive early as there will be many people visiting the beach.  Note also that this is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so plan accordingly.  If you have any questions, please send me an email dws10y@yahoo.com or respond to this thread.

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Thanks for everyone who attended the meetup in Delray Beach.

It was so nice to meet you guys and see that I'm not alone in this "trading beginner journey". Special thanks goes towards Andrew who not only brought goodies for every attender but also shared his experience and gave away many many good advices. Who lives in Florida, let's make it as a habit to may be meet more frequently in different locations to discuss ideas and views about day trading career. Share you thoughts 🙂



Regards, Aznariy R    

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