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Investing / Trading Books to Gift Teenager

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Wanted to put out a request for any good books for a teenager with a growing passion for finance and the markets.  Specifically books to understand and analyze investing.  I think that Andrew, Ardi, and Brians books (*I have) will be a great start to the trading aspect, so wanted to see if anyone has any gems in investing that would be a good gift for a high schooler who wants to be the next hedge fund manager.  Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.





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yes sir have Amazon. Guess I wasn't too clear, I have Andrew, Ardi, and Brians books that I've purchased (and hard copies) he can use, was looking in addition for anything specific to investing. Thanks

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Hi MikeJay

Here are some reference books I have used over last 20+ years, except Logical Trader and Top 10 which I bought last year.....good to keep learning. Great reference material for investing/trading principles and analysis. Of course I would think that to be a Fund Manager a more  formal education would be required: post university degree + professional Fund manager/trading training.

Attached also is a copy of one of my sample swing trading plans. In the early going a good mentor is required who can provide guidance to prepare a trading plan similar to mine. End of the day it will be the trading plan that will help with high probability/consistent investing/trading. 

Hope this comes in handy. Great to know your teenager is showing interest in investing/trading.

Also, you might want to check-out TD Ameritade Live Webcasts, featuring master investors/trainers with real time market analysis and trading, on YouTube: https://events.thinkorswim.com/#/webcast

TD Ameritrade also has a online training course via ThinkOrSwim Platform/Education Centre...all for free, great investing and technical analysis program.

1-Sample Swing Trading Plan - Presentation.pdf


IMG-3143 (1).JPG

IMG-3157 (1).JPG



IMG-3154 - Copy.JPG

IMG-3153 (2).JPG

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