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Bailey Nevener

YouTube Monthly Recaps - Profit/Loss!

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Scroll down to see the beginning of the Monthly Recaps.


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Posted (edited)

Started around: 

JAN 1, 2021






AUG 24, 2021



Only 10k more to go until this baby is over PDT!


I began with 8k and have been just taking it super easy.  My best results come that way. 

Through recurring deposits it has about $1k that I have put in on top of the original amount, hence the +$6k profits. 


It has been mostly swing trades and a few day trades to get to this point.  

The equity curve looks nasty, but trust me it has all been controlled. 


If this were from mostly day trading it would be that nice x = y line.

In this situation I am obviously having to keep my positions rather large and trade infrequently (Robinhood is not exactly speedy), which results in big equity swings.


No stress and infrequent trading = profits.


Fortunately I am currently the most underleveraged I've been since I started the account,

and I'm in positions with very little possibility of running down with very large upside.




Robinhood doesn't really have the trustworthiness for me to take scalp day trades often.

I missed out on my playbook trade yesterday on PFE, which probably would have stacked another $500 - $1000 in this bad boy.


Unfortunately, if I push it in that regard on this platform I will inevitably get burned if everything isn't working perfectly,

so once I saw that Robinhood was bugging out a little, I let it go without me 😢.


This is WAY less stressful than being 40k in the hole at 17% interest though lol, so I can wait for that last 10k.


On a side note  It looks like my offer for a new house is about to get accepted.

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I’m under contract, so once I get into the new house I’ll be able to set back up with a live account!

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Posted (edited)

SEP 2, 2021


Don't be alarmed, I deposited 5k to catch this rip on TTCF and once it finishes its predictable move I will withdraw it again.  Account is actually at 18k.

Looks like we are doing pretty good though!  Hopefully we are around this amount when I move into the house so it can be a simple transfer.

This is waaaay easier than when I was working all of the time.  Honestly it has been a joke in comparison. 

Working and trading is a nightmare, proportionate to the hours and demoralization IMO.


SEP 3, 2021


I withdrew the $5k I deposited to catch the run and another $500 went into my auxiliary checking account. 

Always good to pay yourself if you can. 

Helps the mental aspect.


I locked the TTCF position in today.

I sold 300 shares after I saw it rip through and subsequently reject heavily at $25 (which was also just below a daily level), and then I sold the rest after it broke LOD.


I caught a huge move on it ($16 - $25) and held until I saw a sell signal. 

If I would have seen more volume on the daily chart during the overall price push-up I would have probably held through this pullback, but the run was only averaging just a couple million shares a day. 

For this kind of squeeze thesis I would like to see an average of 3M+ volume increasing each day for me to hold to ATH.

Or if I saw a large range expansion day with 5M+ shares traded I would probably expect a gap very close to ATH the next day where I would decide what to do like today.

If it runs down to $21.50 I might initiate another starter position.


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