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DAS Trader Pro with TD Ameritrade

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I was looking though DAS Traders website and i noticed that they are in beta for integrating with TD Ameritrade. Is anyone part of the beta, what do you guys think about TD with DAS.

I started with TOS and left because the level 2 is crap, and TOS at times has issues, but if TOS is replaced with DAS and zero commission trades.... 



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Hi Mike,  I also want to try this out too to save on commissions!  

Here is what I know as of this moment, though it sounds like they still might be working out some details. 

1) Das told me people can start signing up on Monday 10/19/2020 on the das subscriptions page. 

2) If I want to keep both IB and TD, I need two separate versions of the platform.  The TD version is like signing up again with a different login and another DAS monthly fee. So I pretty much pay double if I want to keep both (not sure if I can get some of the discount on data fees overlapping). The support person said might work out some kind of discount....

3) Someone in the chat posted their review...DAS with TD vs TOS that was something like this: 

Pros: DAS hotkeys, more Level 2 info, TDA commissions/fees if any

Cons: Split second delay (I think they meant in executions) vs IB and harder to short because less availability of shares to short vs IB 


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