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Marek Liyanage

TradeStation Trading, Charting and Scanning Platform

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I posted an overview on TradeStations software and brokerage platform under the "Brokers" subsection bc I figured for most day traders paying for trading s/w and possibly data feeds without being able to directly trade from the platform makes no sense. Most traders therefore will have to make a decision about signing up for both the use of the software platform as well as their brokerage services.

There's also been a few threads from others so search the site for those links to read up more about TS too.


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it's been a couple weeks now that I began working w TS platform and broker....platform is awesome....just took time to learn and work to configure ...because it's so customizable it's also a bit more complicated but when you have things setup everything becomes so much less work going forward...

you can trade off;

a trade bar that's similar to how the montage works, this can be expanded to include advanced functions

- off charts using point and click at selected levels

- within the Matrix

- a depth of market window which includes exchanges similar to the Level 2 in DAS

TS uses "intelligent routing" ...similar to smart routing in DAS TS makes the choice for you that's considered in your best interest for fast execution with low or no comissions...if you prefer you can direct route using your preferred exchange for a commission that's similar to IB. 

Theres a few more updates on my Fintwit about TS too...





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Weekend chart review in TradeStation...

$SPY $QQQ $IWM now at or below the 50MAs on daily and weekly charts.
Most tech leaders ended the week soft...pulling below 9/20MAs and hovering at or below the 50. 

$ZM $RH $PTON $FVRR $PINS $CRWD $APPS $QCOM (closed above Friday's open!) $CMG are still trading around 9/20DMAs

9/20/50 daily and weekly MAs as well as 52-week channel indicator in RadarScreen on TS used to triage stocks.

The stocks I follow fall into 2 categories:

A. High Volume Day (Options) Trading Stocks

High volume growth names I focus on for intraday trading. Mostly to the long side or when the market corrects (like right now) also to the short side. Syncing the trade direction of growth names with the overall market direction makes trading a lot less complicated. Something I picked up from Mark Minervini.

B. Intermediate to Low Volume Stocks (some suitable for day but others more for Swing or Options trading)

Stocks with strength defined by Investors Business Daily lists according to CANSLIM and William O'Neills strategies. Many stocks especially PINS, CHWY, PTON, QCOM or CRWD can be traded (scalped) intraday but many are just not liquid enough and have large spreads so are better for swing trading (e.g. CMG, NOW, SEDG and TTD daily volume last Friday was below 1 Million shares traded)





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I emailed you sir. I have been successfully suing AAs strategies in TradeStation for several months and retired and broke all of the rules! I since signed up for BBT Lifetime and am extremely happy with the content.

Let's share TradeStation tips.


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