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Marek Liyanage

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Hi.  Below is a link to a thread from the TS forums with several links to the VWAP indicator.


A number of posts down in the thread is a link to the ELD file for VWAP.  Looks something like this

Attachment:DATA/20171123091923TS_VWAP_INDICATOR.ELD 15273 bytes 

If you download that file, the indicator can be imported in the import menu in TS.




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Update on StreamDeck, Keyboard and Chart Trading Functionalities:


TradeStation will tie in with StreamDeck. A screenshot of the "Macro" and "Hotkey" feature below shows how you can program commands and then you do the same as in DAS when using the StreamDeck....simply assign the hotkey in the StreamDeck s/w. TS also offers 2 simpler tools "Chart Trading" and "Keyboard Trading" that replace a lot of the hot key and chart trading functionalities. So between those two tools I cover all my needs.




To better understand what "Chart Trading" and "Keyboard Trading" functionalities offer in TradeStation watch this Video:



If you have questions best DM me on Fintwit....




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Finished linking up StreamDeck to Chart and Keyboard Trading tools in Trade Station. It's pretty straightforward once you enabled and customized the keyboard after opening up the keyboard mapping menu by clicking on the 3 dots next to "Entry - B/F Buy" pull down menu. That opens up the mapping tools. Once you set-up the hot buttons there...just link them to the keys on the StreamDeck...


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