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Robert H

New Broker Announcement: CME Group

Robert H

Guys, thanks for all the useful information posted here about CME Group. Just a favor, we beg you not to post verbatim CMEG emails, just share their relevant communications in your own words. While we can discuss whether disclaimers in email signatures are legally meaningless or legally binding, we at BBT want to be respectful of those disclaimers.

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8 hours ago, Michael Guadarrama said:

Is there a new promo code I need to give CMEG? What is the BBT code to apply this discount?

If my memory serves me right it is "bearbullcmeg2018"

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Jesse said:

If my memory serves me right it is "bearbullcmeg2018"

That’s correct. 

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On 3/15/2018 at 3:38 AM, 3greensoldiers said:

Ok guys, I got a response from them. See below:


1) Promo Code: When and where do I enter this code when signing up?


You can visit out website or use the link below to submit an application for a new account


Account Opening

Once you've completed the online application, simply send an email to [email protected] with the promo-code in the subject to register for the BEARBULL-CMEG promotion.


2) How long is this promo code valid for?


The promo code does not have an expiration date and will continue to be valid for members of the Bearbull group until notified of any changes.


3) Can you please describe the breakdown of the commissions and any other expenses that you charge? All I know for now is that you will be charging $2.95/trade up to 1000 trades.Is this accurate? and what about shares excess of 1000?


Commission - $2.95 per ticket up to 1000 shares, trades over 1000 shares will be charged a per share rate of $0.005


Software fee - $115 per calendar month


Market data fee - $35 per calendar month


4) Do you have your own trading software? I see you mentioned TWS which I'm already using with Interactive Brokers. Can I use DAS? Do you offer it? And what are the costs?


Our Traders Elite Pro is a customized version of DAS, see question 3's response for the software and market data fees.


4.5) Do I need subscriptions for Level 2 Market data etc for active traders?


Level 2 market data is included (Regional Quotes and Nasdaq Totalview), see question 3 for costs.


5) Is there a minimum required deposit to open and maintain an account? I live in Canada and I'm a Canadian citizen/resident.


The minimum deposit for this account type is $500


6) What is the leverage/buying power. Andrew Aziz mentioned 6:1. Does that still stand?


Buying power is based on our Leverage Schedule, see below.

$0-$499 1:1

$500-$2499 4:1

>$2500 6:1



😎 I'm also an options trader. What are your costs in USD or CAD considering the promo code mentioned above?


The Bearbull-CMEG promotion is specific to equity trading only. You can visit out website for our rates on options trading.


9) Is there a limit for monthly withdrawals?


There is no limit for monthly withdrawals


10) Finally, I know that you're based in offshore and not in the United States. What can you share with clients to make them feel comfortable about trading/investing freely with your corporation?


CMEG is registered with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission and we are an approved Foreign Financial Institution with the IRS, you can find our information on the websites of both organizations. Also, because the safety of our clients' assets is of utmost importance at CMEG, we are insured with Lloyd's of London for your protection.


That's all. Overall I get a good feeling and I liked their responses.

Hope this helps some of you


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