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    Hey everyone, Below is the video on how to use the DAS Replay feature. Currently this feature is available on the BBT Simulation Version Which can be downloaded at https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DEMO. (When the feature is ready for production it will be release to other platform versions like IB, Centerpoint and CMEG.) Thank you
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    Important: We are no longer actively looking into this thread. Please contact us on the Chartlog website. @adrian88 and myself are working on a software which enables you to import your trades automatically from DAS, get an overview of your past trades, and also get statistics about your performance. We call it Chartlog. Our goal is to build an application for us traders to improve the process of journaling, visualize our strengths and weaknesses, and to speed up the learning curve! There’s a long way ahead, but we are working hard to implement planned features every 2 weeks. So please if you want something covered, let us know! (Check the planned features below) How to use: Create an account at https://www.chartlog.com Download the importer application (check link below) Login into the importer Choose the installation path of your DAS Trader Save - That's it Settings in DAS: In order to import your trades you need to check following checkbox in DAS: DAS - Setup - Other Configuration - Check the "Log debug message" box and save. Downloads: Chartlog Importer Download latest version: https://www.chartlog.com v1.0.1 (2019-09-18) v1.0.0 (2019-08-31) Features: Automatic trades import from DAS Equity Graph Split positions of the same stock in same direction into separate trades (not like DAS positions window) Group positions to trading days Interactive Charts of past trades Statistics: Trade winning accuracy Avg. trade P/L Avg. daily P/L Avg. trades per day Avg. winner profit Avg. loser loss Highest win Highest loss Avg. scale ins / outs per trade Strategies / Tags for trades Planned features: Risk/Reward analysis Sharing trades Stock information (float, caps etc) Improved statistics & analysis Goal & Rules tracking Sample Sets Support other platforms Support swing trades Delete positions / Hide positions from statistics Break-Even Range (George H.) Updates 2019-10-06 Interactive Charts 2019-09-16: - Journaling - Switch accounts - Global search 2019-09-02: Hotfix: Fix calculation of win accuracy 2019-08-31: Initial release Chartlog 2019-07-23: Added detail view of trades. 2019-07-19: Trade Analyzer initial release Screenshots
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    Welcome to the club! Very cool areas of focus you have there! If you have any questions just message me, Ive been around the block a few times, then down that alley you dont want to go lol then back again
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    DAS Replay does not support STOP orders in the Replay mode at this time.
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    My guess is it'll be in soon, they probably just haven't figured out how they're going to package it for non-BBT users. It's in the IBCO / CMEG releases, users just don't have permissions to the data. Since it's a completely new feature, I don't know personally what would cause that and I doubt many users have figured it out yet. Once IBCO users can use it (me included), I'll be sure to update any documentation / configs for it.
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    12-30-19 AIS 0810, 4.5 hours. 4/10 Feeling a bit jittery ..... PAT: No FOMO, Spread, A or better Notes: Work on monitoring the price action when in the trade for a partial and exits, pay attention to the larger time frames.... Add Risk to the perfect A+ setups..... Yowza..... I went stupid for the day...... I did not stick to any rules... Went complete revenge..... lost a ton.... this was defiantly a hulk day... Chart is just a complete christmas tree ..... I thought I was down a bunch and when I finally decided to check my P&L I lost more than double than what I thought..... I can not even believe I did this..... after the first two trades I am supposed to walk away.... Traded a low priced stock that is not in my range.... well this is one way to loose everything for the month and more..... Cons:everything Pros: none Playbook Trade:none Notes:none Rs: -20R let me get the hell out of here before I do something stupid....
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    Monday 12/30/2019 I had a well-being score of 4.5/10 this morning. I have increased the lower well-being limit to trade live. So I traded SIM today. Actually I took a nice ROKU 5min ORB SIM trade. But SPY was really tanking so I guess it didn't really matter what you traded this morning as long as you were short. I hope everyone stayed green.
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