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    • Yes, it makes a lot of sens. Thanks @Day-Meister Sure enough this BP logic is risk free for the broker as a stock may go to 0 but it is rare. Nevertheless, In the PCT account, the BP is 100 K and this will have an impact on my strategies (not letting a profitable partial trade run for the rest of the day as it will impact my possibility of opening a new trade at full size). Thanks a lot.
    • This gives maximum flexibility over a variety of stocks trading at varying price levels. Basically, your BP is fixed and is based on what DAS has calculated. so BP *.5 allows you to enter 2 trades at the same time using a total of your Max BP. The issue you have run up against is that your risk level is so narrow on this price of stock that it is not giving you full risk $, but using the full amount of buying power you have elected to use per trade. (for example: If I have a micro account with BP of $100 and want to risk all of it on a stock that is trading at $50, it doesn't matter where I put my Stop, I can't buy more than 2 shares)   As for DAS, you should see what DAS has calculated as your buying power in your account window. You should also be able to see BP withheld in your positions window. Hope that makes sense.
    • Thanks @Day-Meister and @peterB, I'm currently in the Peak Capital Trading demo DAS account. I don't know the BP set on this account. But with Day-Meister's explanation, I got a key that I didn't see before. I'll give it a try. If we are willing to risk a maximum of 1% per trade and dealing with a maximum of 2 trades at the same time, do we need to take this extra caution of reducing our BP by 50 % ? What's the real motivation of doing this ? Before DAS, I was using TWS with IB and never got a margin problem on my live account when I was risking 1% of my account on a single trade. I could even run 2 or 3 trades at the same time without issue. But I don't know how DAS manages - interact with the IB buying power... Thanks for your thoughts on this.
    • what is your buying power/BP? you have half of the BP used in the script test with wider stop like 2 dollars to see if you hit the BP limit or not
    • What I think is happening is you don't have enough buying power for it to purchase a full $300 risk. If it is a margin account and you have $100k available BP, the script is designed to use half of that amount: "DefShare=BP*0.5", so $50K 344 shares * $145 = $49,880 So, although you narrowed your stop loss vs. the purchase price, you couldn't achieve more than your total def shares as above. If you want to test that theory, you can change the "DefShare=BP*0.5" to "DefShare=BP*0.75" and see if that changes the amount of shares it takes.
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