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    • Hello everyone, My name is Tyler. I'm 29 years old and live in Nebraska. I'm a police officer and have been doing that for 8 years.  I've always had an interest in day trading. I started off researching day trading about 6 months ago and read a lot of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos. It took me a while before I came across the BBT Community and read Andrew's book but after reading the book and looking into BBT I knew this was the type of community and program I was looking for. I'm currently still working my way through all of the education sections and hope to start with sim soon. I look forward to meeting and learning with you all! Tyler
    • Great. Don't be afraid to reach out if we can help with your journey!
    • Exactly what I wanted to get confirmation on Mars.  Many thanks!
    • Thanks for the welcome Peter!  I viewed your Education Planning presentation last week - Well Done - valuable "road map" that will guide my first year!!
    • Second week day trading futures live. My first one and done day! We had no momentum from 11pm to 7am then a sudden drop and a beautiful pull back with a nice entry opportunity. I couldn't ask for better so I shorted with 2 contracts. I covered my first contract at a conservative one point above the "area" and placed my second limit order at what the Day Trading Academy recommends as "double the range". The price dropped and missed my order by a tick then started to aggressively pull back. So I exited and called it a week.  It has been great ending both live weeks on a solid trade. Everyone have a good weekend! Rob C
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